Our missions may be initiated at any time. We may host launch parties, block parties, house parties, flash mobs, and zero-gravity space jumps.

Mission #1 – Harwell Park

Mission #1 Ernie Harwell Park - Staking the mound with the Detroit flag, we did some urban spelunking at the old Tiger's stadium. Ernie Harwell Park is a space with great potential. Check it out here.

Mission #2 – The Eddystone

Wheat pasting: Activate this space, these posters serve to establish the DSP objective throughout the city. A call to action and a thought provoking installation. We won't say you shouldn't try this yourself ;)

Mission #3 – Shop Local

Activate the great spaces that already exist in your area by patronizing your local business, restaurants and retailers.

Mission #4 – Host a Dinner

Involving the community in conversations on activating great spaces in your area.

Mission #5 – Block Party

Who doesn't love a good block party, make it a good one, good enough to close down a street.

Mission #6 – Play Ball

Grab a guy, grab a girl, grab a football, grab a baseball, find a space, activate.